• Strong durable construction compliant with BS5834 part 2 loading require ments for pavements
  • Withstands over 5 tonnes
  • Large working aperture, 147mm x 192mm to access 200mm pipe (overall dimensions 245 x 190 x 145mm)
  • Lightweight (1.20kg)
  • Suitable for both paving and hot tar applications
  • Lockable lid opened only with a security key

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PIT03 | Earth Pit, Plastic

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Detailed Specifications for ERICO’s Earth Rod Inspection Box PIT-03


Critical ground terminations require a high level of security to ensure their integrity under all conditions. In addition to this regular maintainance of these terminations is often a requirement of end users to ensure the safety of personell and equipment from earth fault currents and the high current levels injected into the ground system by lightning protection installations.

The ERITECH PIT03 offers a high level of protection for critical grounding terminations through the use of its lockable lid. Ease of ground termination maintainance is also afforded by way of the large working aperture once the lid is un-locked using the secu- rity key.

Due to its lightweight robust construction the ERITECH PIT03 is also ideal for installation in heavy traffic areas.


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